"I would like to thank CCNF for this grant of financial assistance. I am very grateful for this resource and thanks to CCNF, I can more greatly focus on having a successful recovery with much greater peace of mind. I genuinely have an expanded sense of relief that otherwise may not have manifested, were it not for your mission and your help.

Thank you very, very, much!"

                                             --Leo L.

"Oh my gosh, Thank you sooooooo much!  This brought a tear to my eye here at work, reading this letter!  I'm so grateful to your foundation to help patients like myself, this will be a great help to me with my medical bills.

Thank you for making my day!"

                                          --Autumn S.

"I cannot thank you enough for the grant allocated to me from CCNF to get into treatment. You are a God send and I am blessed and grateful beyond words. Thank you for all your efforts and extreme kindness to a stage 4 cancer patient. I will beat this and I could not have come this far without people like you facilitating my excellent recovery. May God bless you and keep you as you help those struggling with this disease. As my doctor says, "There is always Hope". Thank you for being such a conduit of Hope."

                                           --Cris M.

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